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Webcols Capital Limited develops and maintains relationships with several industry-leading firms in order to give our customers a wide range of data resources and trading methods to choose from. In order to bring our traders the most comprehensive trading tools on the market, we work with the following tier-one companies.


Established in the year 2000, MetaQuotes Software Corp has established themselves as the leading forex trading platform provider thanks to the widespread trader adoption of the MetaTrader 4 platform. They are considered as one of the leading developers of software applications for forex brokers, banks, and exchanges.

By partnering with MetaQuotes, our clients gain access to not only the most popular suite of trading platform solutions, but once connected to the Webcols Capital Limited server configuration, experience superfast and stable access to their MT4 forex trading account that is unattainable from any other broker.


Our partnership with oneZero empowers Webcols Capital Limited with the trading technology required to compete effectively in global markets. Their oneZero MT4 bridge platform that we have implemented, features a low-latency trading environment, proven liquidity, and reliable IT infrastructure and technical support. This is all fully customised and scaled to serve Webcols Capital Limited clients through increased liquidity options and lightning fast trade executions.

This oneZero Liquidity Bridge enables Webcols Capital Limited to manage our trading platform through an intuitive front end that offers a great deal of flexibility in how we configure pricing, offer spreads, aggregate liquidity and integrate with post-trade processors.

Trading Central

Trading Central’s research successfully combines a chartist approach to assess directional moves and price targets with mathematical indicators and forex signals . This unique methodology is managed by a team of portfolio management and trading experts. Their unique, award-winning methodology delivers complex content in a format that is both easy-to-read and to implement, thanks to clear levels and directional scenarios that can be used to execute trading signals and strategies.

The world’s most prestigious financial institutions trust Trading Central. They offer clients investment strategies for all asset classes including forex, indices and commodities markets. Recognised as a world-renowned benchmark in the field of Technical Analysis, Trading Central contributes to the global promotion of the trading discipline by delivering useful and qualitative research.


By partnering with Cellxpert, we’re able to offer our CPA Partners the most cutting-edge marketing tools available. The Cellxpert platform enables our affiliates to serve ads, track conversions, manage campaigns and optimise performance, all in one easy-to-use package.

This, combined with our strong brand reputation and professionally designed marketing collateral ensures all our CPA Partners are equipped with everything they need to turbo-charge their productivity, and dramatically increase their revenues.

Become a Webcols Capital Limited CPA Partner today to unlock your earning potential.

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